Feed the Streets

2017, Together We Are Avondale

Together We Are Avondale received funding to start a new initiative called Feed the Streets. The vision is to create an open, welcoming social space where local streeties and people in our community can cook and eat together. Representatives from services who can support our streeties into healthy independence will be invited to be part of the community meals. The plan is to start small and do it well, then open Feed the Streets up to the wider community, where it is hoped that our streeties will take ownership of cooking the meals and passing the food across the table to the wider community.

This initiative came out of Together We Are Avondale’s engagement with streeties in Avondale, where streeties shared that food brings everyone together, and that if they have eaten, they can get through the night on the street. Avondale streeties also shared that they really want to work and get ahead, they just need help to put those steps in place. If streeties are supported into more of a leadership role through Feed the Streets, it is envisioned that they will feel that they are contributing to the community and are valuable members of the community. Through Feed the Streets, ongoing relationships will be formed between our streeties, community and services.