Community Food Sharing For Healthy Diets

2017, Whau-Samoa Walking Community

The Whau-Samoa Walking Community was established in March 2016 for Samoans in the Whau area to make connection with others and to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing by walking together and encouraging each other to come out of their comfort zones (homes). The group started with 30 regular walkers and has grown to be the largest Walking Samoans walking group of 200 registered numbers, walking 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday mornings for 2 hours).

Whau-Samoa Walking Community received funding for an event to share how to prepare traditional dishes without fat, sugar and salt that contribute to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, which so many Samoans are affected by. Special kaumatuas with experience and indigenous knowledge of preparing these traditional dishes over the years back home shared this knowledge with the rest of the group to take home.