Kai Whau distributes funding from the Whau Local Board to support community-led initiatives that will share knowledge and increase access to good kai in the Whau area.

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The funds are distributed via a community participatory budgeting process.

What is ‘community participatory budgeting’?

Community participatory budgeting is a process that gives interested community members an opportunity to have a say in how funds are allocated. People who participate will be able to vote on which projects they would most like to see supported, and their votes will help determine how the funding is allocated.

How does Kai Whau community participatory budgeting work?

    1. Anyone with an idea for a local food initiative that will benefit people in the Whau Local Board area can submit a proposal.
    2. The Kai Whau Coordinator reviews the proposals to make sure they meet the criteria for funding.
    3. People who live, work, volunteer or study in the Whau area can vote for how they would like to see the funding distributed amongst the proposed local food initiatives.
    4. The votes are counted, and funding is allocated according to the amount of support each proposed initiative received.
    5. If you opt in when you vote, you’ll receive updates on the progress of the funded initiatives, and how you can get involved.


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